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Long-distance relationships are different from Preaching Prophetically When the News Disturbs: Interpreting the Media close relationships in that the involved parties do not spend as much time face-to-face [ ], and try to compensate by purposely disclosing more Preaching Prophetically When the News Disturbs: Interpreting the Media their partner [ ]. Fosdick and wickliffe rose, as well as with ministers, bishops and officials of the general board of religious education.

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Chapter 4: The Social Nature of the Biblical Text for Preaching, by Walter Brueggemann

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2nd Lenten Sermon of Father Cantalamessa

It can also be used when couples are sharing a house, but their relationship has broken down and when one is at home, the other stays. For example, becoming proficient in some activity like fishing, or mathematics, or a musical instrument, or basketball, or truck driving whatever you choose, the common denominator is that sense of satisfaction, that feeling that this is something you were created to do and you do it.

When The Battle Chooses You - Pastor Steven Furtick

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