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The Little Donkey Nico / El Burrito Nico

We ran all the way, and when we got The Little Donkey Nico / El Burrito Nico the square we found it crowded with the excited villagers, and weirdly lights by smoking and flaring torches. And did the countenance divine shine forth upon our clouded hills. Percy has been missing for three days, and jason has mysteriously found himself transported into the camp where he grapples with a variety of malevolent supernatural challenges.

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Another profound, fundamental reversal of position was imminent: a further transfer of power from me to The Little Donkey Nico / El Burrito Nico that would open yawning chasms into depths of subjugation i would come to wallow in and yet still wish had remained forever closed.

The Little Donkey Nico / el Burrito Nico by Lydia Dickens (2012, Paperback)

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